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Factory Address:Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City Industrial Park pond

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    KELUN Ceramics was established in 1959 in Edinburgh, UK, from the creation of the brand since Kang Tiluo ceramics have been concerned about the brand culture of the building, and set about establishing a sound brand management system, through the brand culture precipitation achieve brand value.
    Kangdiro ceramic design style calm atmosphere, retains the British royal line of development, but also abandoned the overly complex texture and decoration, creating a new style neo-classical ceramics. Along the way Kang Tiluo ceramics has always insisted on quality and value for the consumer to create a cost-effective products, offering five-star quality care experience. Now Kangdiro ceramics, will be perfect. "Archaeological Brick House" to conduct a comprehensive upgrade to reposition the new fashion simple European style products redefined as jade culture and given a life philosophy, which means that Kang Tiluo brand awareness , reputation and loyalty will rapidly increase, consumers are more and more recognition, becoming based terminal market advantage and strong brand.


Factory Address:Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City Industrial Park pond
TEL:0757-86699080/86699081    FAX:0757-86699087
Contact:Mr Guo 13702905850 Miss Liang 13923113096

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