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universal material testing machine

Product Name:universal material testing machine

Product Category:Test Equipment
Product Type:KL-QLJ
Added time:2013-8-24 16:28:40

The programme is open for all users(customizable)

it was designed to test the wires,textile,leather,plastic,metal,paper,aviation,package,contruction,petrificstion,electricity,geotechnical cloth and vehicle etc..the test items include:stretch,compress & fold,cut,peel,, bursting , tearing, flexibility etc. and is one of the basic equipments for the QC,IQC,Physical property test,mechanics study and material development

Standard : GB / T, FZ / T, HG / T, GJB, ISO, ASTM, BS, JIS etc

 Imported accessories , high quality ,stable performance and durable
Menu operation in Chinese  ,All the parameters and data were displayed in the large-screen LCD.

PANASONIC brand servo driver and motor( ),short response time,no speed overshoot,no uneven speed.

KNS brand  ,precision guid racvk,long service time,low noise

多木川 brand coder,precise position,precise control of elongation

Precise Samplle frequency≥1000HZ,A truly reflect sample mechanical properties

Measurement methods can be created by personally,both test items and parameters can be edited by personally

The test results can be deleted freely。

The test results can be exported to the PC in excel format,whch can be connected to the enterprise management software.

Sofaware analysis functions:breakingpoint,breaking off point,stress point,yield point,initial modulus,elastic deformation,plastic deformation etc..

Safety precautions:limits,overload,negative value,overcurrent and overvoltage protection etc..

Force calibration:the digital code calibration(authorization code)

Two-way control technology enable the test more convenient and quick, a variety of the test result expressions(reports,curves,diagram and statements)

Multi-scale(sensor) configurations are avaialble, can precisely test the different force values

Standard modular design, easy to maintain and upgrade the equipment..

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Factory Address:Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City Industrial Park pond
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